Cycling routes

Have you already discovered the beautiful nature in the surroundings of Mill? Mill in Brabant is surrounded by many colorful forests and nature reserves. It has countless hidden places and beauties that are definitely worth exploring by bike.

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Plan your route from Mill

There are plenty of bike routes Mill and will take you along the most breathtaking pieces of nature that the Netherlands has to offer. Enjoy the Brabant country thanks to the Maashorst nature reserve. Here the different bird species fly around your ears, you discover countless plant species and you spot various mammal species. A feast for the eyes for the true nature lover.

Mill is a good starting point to visit the various cycle routes Mill. There are various routes that take you through the beautiful Maashorst where you visit places like Schaijk, Zeeland, Nistelrode and Reek. A bike ride through the Maashorst brings you a look at particularly beautiful natural beauty. But Mill has more to offer. Start your cycling route through the Land van Cuijk and discover the beauty of nature reserve De Vilt. Do you prefer a shorter cycle route? Then cycle the route to the Mookerhei and Mookerplas. Another beautiful route through a piece of nature is the cycle route through the Sint Anthonisbos, definitely worth it.

Use City Resort Mill as a starting point
Mill has a beautiful location in relation to nature in Brabant and is an ideal starting point. Stay during your cycling trip at City Resort Hotel Mill. A nice place to recharge for the next trip. Experience the pleasant and comfortable facilities, such as the luxury wellness boat. This gives you all the energy to start the next bike ride! The 4-star Mill hotel has put together various cycling packages so that true nature and cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the beautiful Mill cycling routes and the possibilities that City Resort Mill has to offer.