The Maashorst nature reserve

Whether you want to walk, cycle or ride a horse, you are assured of a special trip through a real primeval area. There are even mountain bike routes for the real daring. Do you dare to cross through the rugged landscape? Come, discover the archaeologically rich area, the varied nature and the extraordinary sights.

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Wild grazers

Due to the arrival of people, the nature reserve has changed considerably in recent centuries. Nature is now being given room to restore it. There are also three imposing grazers that ensure that the natural landscape is as it once was: wild, pure and authentic. With open spaces and dark areas of forest. With colorful heaths, marshy pools and towering trees. Where plants and animals feel completely at home and humans are the viewer. A real primeval area.

Primary treasures

In recent years spectacular archaeological finds have been made in De Maashorst. For example, archaeologists found royal graves from the early Iron Age, a cemetery from the late prehistory, the largest bronze depot in the Netherlands from Roman times and a number of forgotten villages from the Middle Ages. Tangible memories from (pre) history that are still present and visible in the current landscape. Admire the primordial treasures with a guide or go on a journey of discovery yourself.

Natural pearls

An area where nature is in control. Where trees, plants and animals are in control. Just like before. Where can you find that in the Netherlands? In the Maashorst. The primal area in Brabant. Stroll through the woods, walk over towering drifting dunes and make your way past the unique fractures and pointing grounds. Let the beauty of nature affect you. Experience the primal feeling!